Children Rights

Children count for approximately half of DRC’s population. However, despite the sheer numbers, there is little awareness of international human rights standards relating to the rights of the child. Congolese children have been the subject of neglect especially in provinces plagued by conflicts. Children are victims of rape and other forms of sexual and economic exploitation. They suffer gaps in education; in conflict societies they are separated from their families and conscripted as militias. In post conflict societies, they are not easily reintegrated. Domestic laws relating to the rights of a child remain outdated and the steps towards law reform have been relatively slow.

The Centre for Human Rights and Governance lays special emphasis on the rights of the child through identifying the problems that facilitate the violation of the rights of the child and engaging in educating the various communities through public lectures and sensitization campaigns. We train local stakeholders on improving the rights of the child and provide legal aid for juveniles, including advocacy for law reform in such countries.